Mission Statement
Here at All Florida Insurance LLC it is our goal as a company and individuals to provide our clients with the most comprehensive services to better insure you and your family.

In an ever changing industry like insurance, we are fully aware that our customers may not always know all the answers to their insurance questions, therefore it is imperative for us to be up to par with our knowledge to better serve you.
About Us
ALL FLORIDA INSURANCE has been a solid foundation since 2004. We are a Family owned and operated business, which has allowed us to build strong relationships with our customers and community. Our staff consists of bilingual speaking individuals whom are willing and able to understand all your insurance needs. Since day one, All Florida Insurance has made a commitment to offer our customers superior service. We understand that time and distance can sometimes be an obstacle, therefore we offer our customer’s a wide range of hours of operations, including Saturdays and implement the technology to access your file at any of our locations, even if is not where you began your policy. In addition, we can serve you over the phone, by email or fax depending on what your need is.

All Florida Insurance recognizes our essential role in creating a better society. We are committed to providing advanced options to everybody regardless of status and cultural orientation. This is rooted within our organization which negotiates with differences. As a result, we get high-performing employees who value the company’s goals and respect the choices of our customers.

We offer a wide range of products and services, including life insurance, health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, and travel insurance. We also have retirement solutions, individual life and group solutions. For the past 5 years, no individual was left behind as we continue to grow stronger in our business practice. Our employees, our senior management and board of directors strive together to champion the assets and finances of our clients.

We have built ingenious packages and plans for all your priorities. With us, you have the right alternative for financial foresight. Consult our insurance agents now.